News & Events

7-11 April, 2014:
TTZH exhibited at Hanover Industrial Fair 2014 which is the world’s biggest industrial fair. The outstanding range of tribology research services and products have been a part of the general exposition of Lower Saxony, supervised by The Ministry of Science and Culture of the Bundesland. The photo shows a moment of discussion about the application of TTZH tribology solutions in science and industry of Lower Saxony.

7-11 October, 2013:
TTZH exhibited at International Engineering Fair MSV-2013 in Brno, Czech Republic, which is since many years a leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe. Export program of TTZH tribology products, quality control technology and research possibilities in Germany attracted many professionals and arose intensive technical discussions in several European languages, spoken at the booth. These activities, aiming closer cooperation with Germany and further development of European tribology community, were supported by the officials of Federative Republic of Germany and personally supervised by German Ambassador in Czech Republic, Mr. Detlef Lingemann.

September 2012:
13th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering held on 1-14 September 2012 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany is since years a meeting point of professionals in coating technology and surface analyses This time TTZH demonstrated the latest developments in PVD equipment and the novelties in cathodes and sputtering targets. The photos show the venue of the conference and a view of the Plasma Germany corner at the accompanying exhibition with a booth of TTZH and partners of BalticNet-PlasmaTec.

28 May – 1 June 2012:
TTZH high tech products and technologies as a part of Germans “Land of Ideas” exposition in Russia were demonstrated in German Pavillion, at 14th Internartional Spesialized Exhibition for Equipment, Instruments and Tools for the Metal-Working Industry on 28 May – 1 June 2012 in Moscow Expocentre Fairgrounds, booth 2.2.E13.

The photos show German group (Josef Vladimirskij of TTZH, 4th from right), general view of the booth and a moment of technical presentations. TTZH made a strong emphasis on its product range for industry development and quality control.

April, 2012:
International Tribology Conference Výroba a Poruchy Ozubených Kolies a Ozubených Prevodov (Production and Failures of Gear Wheels and Gear Boxes), which was held on 26 – 27 April 2012 in Trnava, Slovak Republic and chaired by Prof. Ing. Pavel Blaškovitš, Slovak Society of Tribology and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Feinle, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Competence Center Tribology, Germany, have been a new successful event in development of cooperation between Slovakia and Germany. The picture shows a moment of the technical talk, given by Prof. Blaškovitš.

September, 2011:
As a partner of German Pavilion and Baltic Plasma Network TTZH exhibited on 27-30 September 2011 at Industrial Trade Fair Moscow ITFM-2011 in Russia. TTZH Tribology products and technologies, demonstrated here, involved plasma surface engineering for tribology applications, pre cleaning technologies and washing equipment for industry, and techniques for implementation and quality control thereof. The picture shows a moment of discussion about tribology solutions and special coatings for automotive and related applications.

April, 2011:
Hanover Industrial Fair is one of the most significant fairs worldwide, exhibiting annually new high tech products and technologies. On the 5th April 2011 there was given a TTZH presentation on the theme „Modern Equipment for Testing of Engineering Materials, Coatings and Lubricants“. It strongly focussed on the tests in accordance to European and US American standards, including on those for analyses of greases, namely IP186/93 „Determination of Low Temperature Torque of Lubricating Grease“, ASTM D1831 „Standard Test Method for Roll Stability of Lubricating Grease“, DIN 51813 „Determination of Solid Matter Content of Lubricating Greases (particle sizes above 25 µm)“, etc. applying some specific testing procedures. The presentation was organized by hannoverimpuls GmbH together with Deutsche Messe AG.

November, 2010:
TTZH participated in Moscow International Lubricant Week, organized by RPI – Russian Petroleum Investor on 9 – 12 November 2010 at Renaissance Moscow Hotel, Moscow, Russia. A moment of the technical presentation „Modern Equipment for Testing of Lubricants and Greases“ (lecturer Dr. Alexander Minewitsch) is seen on the picture.

October 21-22, 2010:
International Conference “Poruchy Valých Ložísk” (Failures of Rolling Bearings) with a participation of some major manufacturers of bearings, seals and lubricants was held on 21.-22.10.2010 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. The Conference was chaired by Prof. Pavel Blaškovitš, President of the Slovak Society of Tribology and Prof. Paul Feinle, Head of Competence Center Tribology of Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. TTZH oral paper “Tribotestovanie a triboanalýza pre zlepšenie technológie výroby ložísk” (Tribotesting and Triboanalysis for Improved Bearing Technology) was authored by Dr. Alexander A. Minewitsch, Prof. Karl H. Spies and Dr. Michael V. Efron, some corresponding equipment was demonstrated during the accompanying exhibition. A moment of the conference is seen on the photo, some more details are downloadable here.

October 12, 2010:
Berlin-Brandenburg Section (headed by Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Gradt) of GfT – German Tribology Society and BAM – Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing arranged a presentation of new developments in UMT platform, including multisensoric, multiscale tribotests and analysis of tribological surfaces during its 69th Tribology Colloquium which was hold in Berlin on 12 October 2010. The Program and more details about the presentation given by Dr. Alexander Minewitsch (a moment of the lecture is seen on the picture) can be found as a pdf here.