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Welcome to TTZH !

Technology Transfer Center Hanover is a remote team of top professionals managed from Headquarters in Germany.

The center focuses on:
  • tribology research
  • surface technology
  • industry consulting
  • export / import of hi-tech products
  • emerging business worldwide

TTZH recommendations and choices are staying for the world best quality and reliability of the hi-tech products.

News & Events
7-11 April, 2014: TTZH exhibited at Hanover Industrial Fair 2014 which is the world’s biggest industrial fair. The outstanding range of tribology research services and products have been a part of the general exposition of Lower Saxony, supervised by The Ministry of Science and
7-11 October, 2013: TTZH exhibited at International Engineering Fair MSV-2013 www.bvv.cz/en/msv in Brno, Czech Republic, which is since many years a leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe. Export program of TTZH tribology products, quality control technology and