Basalt® – User Benefits

Precise – “Precision in a class of its own”
  • Better force sensors – resolution 1/10,000
  • Extreme precision in drive systems
  • Control and data acquisition at 1 kHz: all channels parallel

  • Up to 4 stations can work parallel or sequential
  • Friction-wear test stations combined with in-line and on-line characterization
        -profilometry, microscopy, multisensors, …
  • Programmable testing procedures allow automatic execution and characterization
  • Ethernet connection allows monitoring and data transmission through LAN

  • Build your test system from one base configuration, by adding additional stations
  • Replacement of compatible stations is easy and can be done on-site at any time
  • Flexible software: single experiments combined by a user-programmable sequencer

Excellent value
  • Low initial investment for startup configuration
  • Best performance and precision
  • When your requirements change, so does your DS4 tester

DS4 Technology

Using the DS4 Technology you save time and create more and better data. Sample holders and software are developed with user friendliness and efficient testing in mind. The 4-station frame can hold up to four different modules so any combination of parallel testing and in line characterization tools - profilometry, microscopy - can be made. Test as well as characterization operations are programmed by a sequencer and then executed automatically, generating multi-data from one set of materials.

Drives superior motion system for rotation and linear high resolution positioning
Sensors highest precision, low noise, optimized sensor ranges
Stations up to 4 tests and/or characterization tools; sequential and parallel operation
Sample Holder rapid sample exchange systems for balls, pins cylinders, pads and discs
Software modular experiment build up and data visualization